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While the expat life in Italy has presented me with its fair share of struggles—bureaucracy, language barriers, and… well, bureaucracy being the top three—food is not one of them. Italian cuisine is why dinners here can last six hours. It’s why some of our Italian friends bring suitcases full of food when they travel internationally. It’s why Dean Martin could get away with mentioning bean soup in a love song. It’s why pizza IS. No, I am certainly not suffering here.

Every now and then though, I find myself craving some processed and preservative-laden treat from across the sea, something that tastes of America! and also corn syrup! This happens every October as the leaves begin to change and their bright orange and yellow hues inevitably turn my mind to the magic of candy corn. Do you remember that scene in Elf where Will Ferrell lists the four main food groups as “candy, candy canes, candy corns, and syrup”? I totally agree. The whole-wheat flour and broccoli I feed my family are just for health show.

The problem is that one cannot buy candy corn here, at least not anywhere I’ve found so far in our smallish city. World-class chocolate, yes. Stripey fangs of compressed sugar-plastic that look and taste nothing like corn but are somehow still symbolic of harvest season in the United States, no. Today, however, I had the brilliant idea to search on Amazon.it. We can buy Yankee Candles and American flags through it, so why not candy corn?

Search bar

Alas. It turns out that Italian Amazon does not stock actual candy corn. However, you’d be happy to know that with a single click, one can purchase any of the following substitute items:

The most dynamic cross-stitch pattern ever, in English! (“This title not available in your country.”)

Cross stitch pattern.png

This genius smartphone game, which the product description calls both “beautiful” and “eye-popping.” (Is it just me, or does Man Boobs here appear to be lactating golf balls?)

Man boobs.png

Candy Corn Duck Tape, for repairing your HVAC systems, restraining your hyperactive children, and sealing up your man boobs in the full spirit of the season:

Duck Tape.png

Candy corn-themed crochet patterns so that you too can blend in among the European chic…

Scarf pattern.png

 …AND be the envy of your local poncho club…

Poncho pattern.png

…AND add an extra element of class to your Halloween soirée:

Wine bottle cozy pattern.png

Rarelove Sterling Silver Halloween pumpkin corn candy Heart Photo Charm Beads… which might be something you smoke for all the sense I can make out of that description, but hey—it’s on sale!

Sterling Silver pumpkin corn candy Heart Photo Charm Beads.png

Some fun tunes for your neighborhood trick-or-treat party:

Music - explicit.png

What’s that, you say? You’d prefer something less psychotic suicide clown skull fun and more happy fun? Not to worry, this super non-creepy hand-goose is here to help:

Music - happy fun songs.png
(I just listened to this song’s MP3 sample in the name of journalistic integrity, and I can now confirm with 97% certainty that it was indeed played by a goose.)

Back to literal candy corn now, on which this delicious and exclamation-point-worthy party game is based! (Please note: Game pieces neither included nor available for sale anywhere things are sold.)

Bingo - Just add candy corn.png

A candle made expressly to taunt expats with the scent of wishful thinking:

Yankee Candles.png

And last but not least, this yarn, which appears to have been thrown up on by a Dreamsicle with tuberculosis:

(Who’s up for a parfait?)

So no luck buying my favorite Octoberly vice off Amazon. However, the internet is full of recipes for homemade candy corn; all I have to do is track down some powdered milk, and we’ll be in business!

Search bar - powdered milk.png

Powdered milk.png



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  1. Drat! Wish I had thought to pack some when I came over in September, I would have been happy to posta prioritaria some Candy Corn in your general direction. 🙂 I promise to come through next year! (Cold comfort adesso, I know).

  2. Bethany, try one of the links on the AWC Malmö website… there are a couple there that ship internationally from within Europe, I think, so the cost shouldn’t be ridiculous: http://www.awcmalmo.com/sweden/shopping.php … I miss candy corn, too!! And PEEPS.

  3. Candy corn is not my favorite. I CAN eat it, but I usually choose not to. If you would like some shipped to you, I would be happy to send some along! IF the post office lets me. They are fussy about what you can ship! xoxoxo

    • Thanks so much, but I think I already have a bag or two coming my way. 🙂 However, you are more than welcome to gorge on pecan pie on my behalf!

  4. The funniest thing I’ve read all week! So sorry, Bethany – there truly is no substitute. And if I were you, I’d skip that powdered milk. Yikes!

  5. So funny. 🙂 It’s around the holidays that I crave North American things too. So badly. 🙂 I do so hope you can find a stash for yourself soon!

    • And of course, the North American things we crave at holiday times are never healthy foods or possibly even ones made with natural ingredients. 🙂 I’m so glad you can relate though; makes me feel a little less of a weirdo!

  6. Bethany, I’m going to do the most loving thing I can do and eat some Brach’s Autumn Mix in your honor. In the meantime, tell your friends and family in the US to stock up on candy corn for you now and either mail it to you or you can pick it up next time you come back. That stuff will last forever!

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