Auld Lang Syne With Frosting

Dear, neglected little blog,

It’s been so long I’m not even sure where to start. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve thought of you often—while baking and decorating and wrapping, while celebrating holiday traditions with our Italian family, while toasting to the new year under a dizzy display of fireworks, even while huddling feverish under a mound of blankets unsure what month it was anymore. I had promised myself that this would be the December I found time to blog regularly, but whoops, look at that, it’s January already, and what?!

Not only is it January, but 2011 is already hurtling full speed at my head. There are some quick decisions to be made and goals (note: not resolutions) to be focused in on before my brain power scatters in fright over this mighty new year, and I’m already behind on so many things that 2012 is starting to get worried. This is no way to celebrate the untapped potential of 365 fresh-faced days, I know. I also know that stressing over a vague accumulation of responsibility is neither going to help me get well nor whittle down my to-do list… but that’s what I do. I stress. Then I write about it. Then I share it with you, and then I get back to living like a reasonably sane individual.

New years always seem to find me this way, on the restless side of recovery, bewildered, angsty, unsteady. I guess it’s sort of my post-holiday tradition. Some people make resolutions; I fumble around for my bearings. It’s not a bad practice, truth be told—sifting through perspectives and reclaiming priorities. I should probably make more of a habit of it rather than waiting for it to knock me off balance the moment the fireworks fade, but I just get busy, and weeks scurry by, and when I finally pause at the page again, I don’t recognize its landscape.

But this was supposed to be a letter, not a therapy session. So, dear blog, here’s some of what you’ve missed over the last two weeks:

  • Two small giggly girls rocking around the Christmas tree to their favorite tunes, headbanging in Santa hats, and reenacting every possible mention of reindeer.
  • Wrapping paper, ribbons, and sparkly pens taking over our living room with scissors in small hands as the four of us shared the fun of dressing gifts up in their holiday finest.
  • A friend and I running across the cobblestone streets of downtown in our high heels in an umbrella-snapping rainstorm, determined to make it to a concert on time and laughing harder and harder the less presentable we looked.
  • Christmas Eve morning spent introducing a houseful of Italians to the wondrous thing we call brunch (they couldn’t bring themselves to drink coffee with it, but it was a delicious success nonetheless).
  • Some mangled slabs of gingerbread, gobs of frosting, and four solid tons of mismatched candy turning into one of the most hilarious and happy family activities we’ve ever attempted.
  • Legos, board games, Wii (ours), Kinect (not ours), and more Legos—time spent together rediscovering the lost art of play (though I have yet to rediscover the lost art of maneuvering video game controls in a competent fashion).
  • Fireworks bursting on all sides of our balcony, too many to count, a dazzling 360° salute to a year of new mercies.

I’ve missed you, dear blog, and I’m sure any lingering hard feelings can be smoothed over with this artisan dessert:

Gingerbread masterpiece

(May or may not contain several pieces of licorice that Sophie tasted, spit out upon realizing she hates licorice, and stuck to the roof before we clued in about her building method.
Also, Management is not responsible for any diabetic comas suffered as a result of looking at this photo.)

You’re welcome,

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  1. Dang, your OpenID is hating on me again 🙁

    Anyway, my comment was only that I was glad to see the little trees came in handy! 😀

  2. Dear Bethany,

    I have missed you too! I am so glad that you had such a wonderful holiday, aside from the fever and the sickness. I hope you are all better now.

    That is one AWESOME gingerbread house! And, Happy New Year!!

    Love to you! xo

  3. *laughs*
    Wow, what a gingerbread house!! It’s been forever since we’ve done one of those!
    Hmm. I like licorice, but not the already-been-tasted sort. Heheh.
    I’m feeling quite blaaaaaah the past few days, ever since we got home from my sis and I spending 4 days with very good friends of ours, 6 hrs away! : All good things must come to some sort of end, huh?
    I’m glad 2010 is over, but golly is it weird to write 2011 in my journal!!

  4. Reading your post was one of the best parts of my day 🙂 Glad the Christmas season didn’t swallow you alive [or at least, like Jonah’s whale, has spat you out upon the shore of a new year…rambling…ending now!].

    Really enjoyed the glimpse into your holiday!

  5. Liz – Nooo, I thought I fixed it! Bad words. But yes, the trees were a wonderful, whimsical little touch. Thank you!

    Megsie – It’s certainly an unforgettable house, isn’t it? 🙂 Happy New Year to you too!

    Beka – I used to go months before I remembered to write the new year in dates, but I guess I’m getting more responsible with time — it only takes weeks now. 🙂

    Other Bethany – I can go with that analogy, especially as whatever mystery illness I got sure felt like being wedged between the internal organs of a giant fish. Thanks for the kind words, dear!

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