Buttered and True

Despite hailstorms, car trouble, the natural disaster zone that is the girls’ room, and my ongoing husbandlessness, I can end today with my wholehearted endorsement of the following happy-making activities:

  • Dancing in pajamas to this song (bonus points if joined by giggling daughters)
  • Sneaking a leftover pecan pie bar before breakfast
  • Mailing off a little care package
  • Re-reading this blog entry (bonus points if laughter is accompanied by snorts and/or tears)
  • Tucking strawberry plants in for the winter
  • Stumbling across this quote
  • Indulging in a few minutes of “Buttered Mashed Potatoes” candle
  • Catching up on a guilty pleasure
  • Hosting a soup-and-baguette picnic on the living room rug
  • Soaking in a good, old-fashioned bubble bath

What are some of your tried and true gloom-chasers?

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One comment

  1. Good music is definitely on the list. Anything from Jars of Clay to Children 18:3…
    Reading up on a few good blogs…..
    The list could go on. I’m just not having a brain-spazzy creative moment remembering it all. 🙂

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