Cause + Effect

I spent last weekend helping my husband transform his home office from this…

Bedroom before

to this:

Bedroom after

Bless IKEA.

I have always loved working on home improvement projects with Dan, and probably nothing speaks more highly to our do-it-yourself compatibility than the fact that our marriage has survived onetwothreefourfivesixseven low-budget moves in good spirits. We both love the atmosphere of change and the symbolism of building our life together one screw at a time (::does the pun victory dance::), so last weekend’s project was right up our alley.

It’s also why I’ve spent this weekend doing this:

Post home improvement


Do you have grand weekend plans? If it’s any assurance, my definition of “grand” includes desperate day-long naps. 

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  1. First of all…that pun…is priceless. Secondly, Wow. What a difference! I love Ikea. Now I am looking around MY house….hmmmm.

    Weekend plans: getting my family packed to I can send them to California. I have to work, but will meet them later. (STRESS!)

  2. WOW! What a transformation!

  3. ohmyword, i love that.
    happy sigh.
    i love simple, awe-inspiring change.
    so clean cut and wonderful-looking!! 🙂

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