Chai and Dry

Raindrops are rolling out of overfilled clouds and scattering evenly into our balcony planters from which seedlings slurp and spring skyward. The daisies are practically giddy; I, meanwhile, am tucked up inside with a mug of peppery chai trying to stave off nap-envy. As much as I would love to doze away the afternoon in a nest of flannel sheets, the results would not be pretty:

Exhibit A: Hungry children’s pleas for supper wake up my brain but otherwise fail to lodge it out of rigor mortis. (I have heard rumors that naps actually make some people less tired rather than more, but I’ve never come across any supporting evidence.)

Exhibit B: Mothering instincts eventually drag me out of bed by the ear; however, they do nothing to diminish my ill will toward mankind, specifically the portion of mankind requesting me to make pasta for them.

Exhibit C: I slump to the kitchen with all the motivation of a dead leaf and then realize how late the time is, how little I’ve accomplished today, and how very much I dislike existing.

Exhibit D: I stay up three hours past bedtime trying to accomplish more, more, more but really just stirring up dust and aggravating my rigor mortis… and then, when I finally lay me down to sleep, I can’t (see above re: nap).

I get that rest is important, and our gentle Italian life has helped me to see relaxation as a treasure rather than a waste of time, but I haven’t yet reached the stage of self-actualization that will let me wake up from a nap as anything other than an obsessive-compulsive corpse. So sorry rain and flannel and Siren-soft afternoon, but there will be no surrender today.

So long, chai

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  1. well I hope the chai was soothing and peaceful at least..I love your description of your flowers..slurping seeds and dizzy daisies – fantastic! Jae

  2. oh dear.
    sounds like our day–except instead of a sleepy, rainy day, we’ve got a nice and breezy, sunny day. …ahem…staying up till 2 is not recommended if ya want to feel alive all day after waking up at 7. i regret that decision. i could slump over my keyboard any second.
    here’s what i’m hoping to do: bikeride in the breeze with my younger sister…get a coffee at the shop up town…maybe take a few pictures of random stuff…..come home, nap, wake up {and no, you’re not the only one who suffers from being an obsessive-compulsive corpse after such things.}
    the end.

    hope tomorrow’s sunnier for you:)

  3. i loved your title 🙂

  4. Same weather here in the US Midwest. My nap lasted about 4 hours, but then again, I’m sick with a cold. Enjoy the chai and Italy!

  5. I love a peppery chai, in fact I’m drinking some just now. Can relate.

  6. I, on the other hand, LOVE naps. LOVE. It is 10 AM, and I would love to take one now, but, alas, I have too much work to do. Which is NOT getting done. Procrastination, and now nap envy. YAWN…

  7. Oh, ow, this spoke to me in a big way. I have no children, but I have the demands of so many others, and I do those things like a puppet being jerked by strings, but oh do I want to wake up on fire for my own projects! Love your last line “rain and flannel and Siren-soft”. Bravissimo!

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