Cinnamon Steam

Right now:

Open windows

Pumpkin spice latte

Diamond-cut air

Fall daisies


Every window in the house wide open to the diamond-cut morning air.

Pumpkin spice latte with cinnamon steam.

Tendrils of wood smoke and the rustle of olive nets, hallmarks of November in Umbria.

The new Mumford & Sons—soul-shiveringly good.

Daisies, orange and fuchsia.

Facebook closed.


What is your “right now?”

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  1. these beautiful pictures make me happy, thank you!

    My “right now” is dominanted by the cold, grey sky over Munich and a sick toddler at home who feels best entertained when watching youtube videos of barking dogs … and of course, my own sore throat 🙁
    but baking a pumkin cake and the anticipation of Jonas afternoon nap are a nice compensation 🙂

  2. i really want to come over right now! that sounds amazing.
    i woke up late. bed was comfier than the idea of getting up and actually being conscious. lol.
    my right now includes plans to take a shower and brew some coffee and get in a serene mood or something.

    those pictures…are gorgeous.
    the mug of that…oh my goodness.

  3. So, so wonderful. 🙂 Just reading your words makes my anxious heart settle. 🙂 My right now? dog sleeping on the floor – fan blowing – strange birds singing – goats bleating – body hurting – soul grieving – heart finding joy in chicken curry, mangoes, and a new Agatha Christie to watch. 🙂

  4. Heike – How was your pumpkin cake and toddler-down-time? I’m so sorry for the Munich gray, though I know it won’t look all too different here in a month. I wish, wish, wish I could fold the map to make us next-door neighbors for the day. Pumpkin cake and spiced lattes; sounds divine, right?

    Beka – Ha! Having a comfy bed is one of the best/worst things in my life. 🙂 Oh, and every time I post a picture of coffee here, I think of you. <3

    Krista – Oh no — I haven't caught up with your blog in the last week or so; I hope you're okay! Still, the simple pleasures you list and write about sound so down-to-earth-dreamy and remind me to pay attention to the beauties in my life as well. Thus, entries like this. 🙂

  5. “Facebook closed” and “the new Mumford & Sons” – YES!!!!

  6. Gorgeous. My right now: ignoring tests that need to be graded, still in my jammies, catching up on the bloggy friends! I am so behind! OH! AND SNOW!

  7. Erika – Isn’t it good? If we still used CDs, I would have worn it out by now.

    Megsie – I can’t even fathom snow right now, but it sounds magical. Especially when viewed from within jammies. 🙂

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