[De]Constructing Art

There are the destroyers—

the rejection letter

the pregnant pause

the allegiance to duty

the comparative streak

the checking of stats

the boxing-in of style

the commercialization

the resignation

the self-doubt, self-deprecation, self-imposed silence

the slow drift away from joy

And there are the restorers—

the swell of intuition

the note of kinship

the devotion to whimsy

the confident voice

the savoring of time

the releasing of status quo

the authenticity

the intention

the self-care, self-celebration, self-administered grace

the alchemy of water and light into color

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  1. “The self-imposed Silence” Ouch. Yes. I have been *thinking* of writing more regularly. I NEED to. Really.

    Thanks for the push.

  2. Megsie – You and me both, sister! xo

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