Drugs and Cocktails

Family photo from yesterday’s jaunt to Assisi, snapped by our sweet friend Shannan.
(Not pictured: allergies.)

My allergies have done that thing they do wherein they take over my inner skull and morph into Inner Skull Head Cold of Suffering and Death. I’m on drugs (legal), which don’t so much make me less miserable as they do dilute my brain’s ability to distinguish misery. They also dilute my brain’s ability to do other complicated tasks like staying awake and generating thought. It’s awesome.

However, I’m determined to write something with actual words today, to check back in with all you in the land of the living and assure you in turn that I am still alive (albeit drugged). We’ve been so busy lately that it’s absolutely ridiculous. In fact, ridiculous is exactly how I feel every time I start an email with “Sorry it took me two months to reply…” or answer friends’ kind inquiries with a full-body slump and a conspiratorial eye-roll. I feel ridiculous because we’re freelancing and theoretically in charge of our time and energy. Masters of our own destiny, that kind of thing. We are currently under no deadlines other than the impending financial black hole of summer.

It’s that black hole, though, that’s got Dan and I hunched over our desks, eyes singed around the edges with LCD light, for a collective total of 120 hours a week. Freelancing is a trippy cocktail of creative mojo and guesswork garnished with desperation, and we simply have no idea which 12-hour day’s work will be the key to stability. During this particular stage of our lives, the only way to find what works is to try everything we can think of and then some more. We expect that one day, we will be generating more passive income than we know what to do with and will spend our days taking leisurely walks on the beach in Bali and using our annoying excess of gold coins as skipping stones, but for now, life necessarily has to revolve around work.

I can’t accurately describe what it’s like for me to be so far removed from the daily-writing-fairy-art realm in which my heart claims its citizenship. I’m a hard worker, and sitting down to power through spreadsheets or edits actually gives me a little buzz of satisfaction. I like accomplishing, I like knowing that I’m helping make my husband’s business possible, I like feeling like an indispensable part of the family team. I’m endlessly grateful for the ways my abilities and personality traits intersect to make our lifestyle work.

But by the time one day without the chance to write has turned into two (much less three or five or twelve), I’m already grappling with the bleak coping mechanisms my mind calls up for just such an occasion. The obvious solution, according to my brain, is to give up writing forever. If I don’t yearn to write, see, then my hopes will no longer be crushed by each overfull hour. Another option, lighter on both despair and logic, is to get up at 5 a.m. to write… after working straight until insane o’clock at night and figuring out how to forego both sleep and downtime with my husband. (Uh, no.) Repression is the easiest solution; I just put all thought of writing out of my mind and do what needs to be done. Unfortunately, one of the side effects is that I slowly lose grip of myself and end up shadowy and hollow-eyed, wandering through my days in a thick pocket of fog.

That’s why sick days like today actually come as a relief. I simply don’t have the neural activity required to Get Things Done, so the ringing in my ears is the sweet sound of permission to lounge around in my pajama pants and blog. (And perhaps later, even read a blog or two? Be still my heart.) I’m not exactly saying that I would choose to spend today with this Inner Skull Head Cold of Suffering and Death, but it sure beats repression-induced fog, and I have to admit that this mandatory break from work is helping me retain the light and color and pre-head-cold joy of the weekend better than any accomplishment-triggered buzz ever could.


How are you doing, friends? What is your spring looking like so far? 

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  1. I too have been dreadfully sick. Just last night my head started to clear a bit and I thought, “Ohhh, so THAT’S what it feels like!” 🙂 This morning we’re back to head-in-a-vise but I’m slathered up with eucalyptus oil so at least I can breathe. 🙂 It is Autumn here and is so gorgeous I can hardly stand it. I got my hammock out yesterday and was so happy in it I ached with the joy of it. 🙂 Today I’m trying to find room in my brain to do research for a history book I’m writing. Not overly confident of success at this moment. 🙂

  2. One week ago, we were shoveling. Today we are in flip-flops. It is sunny, and warm and perfect. I am doing A-OKAY. I can’t wait for my semester to be over and for my house to be clean. I don’t want to clean it though, so. There’s that.

    Hope your allergies leave you soon, and I also hope you can find some balance between the work that you love and the love that you work on. xoxoxo

  3. Krista – “Head-in-a-vise”–YES! Exactly. Much commiseration to you, friend, and also empathetic happy vibes about the hammock. We have two hammocks strung up on our balcony, and they make me ache with joy as well. Next time you’re in this part of the world, I’ll try to make sure you get a long sunny afternoon on one. 🙂

    Meg – Your last sentence cracks me up. 🙂 So well said. I hope your semester is wrapping up smoothly… and that you get enough of a year-end bonus to hire a house-cleaning session!

  4. Oh my gosh! I forgot to say: CUTE HAIR! So cute! xoxo

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