I love the spices of October, the layers in her wardrobe, her moonrises and fogbanks, her apple-cheeks and smoky curls. However, my favorite trait of October, the one that endlessly flirts with my imagination and wins me over year after year, is a color.


How does October enamor you?

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  1. i love this so much.
    i will think about this today….and write more later. <3

  2. I love Autumn best of all. I know that most people love spring, or summer because of the warmth and sunshine bright in the sky. And, of course, because of the flip-flops. But, I always have loved the Fall. The light is like magic. Everything has that golden tinge. The trees take your breath away with all of their finery. We have had an exceptional year for tree colors this year. I think it is because we had about two weeks of cold and then it warmed up again. The trees were just beginning to turn when it hit 80 again. I love the comfort food and how spooky it feels because it starts getting dark so early. And, I love Halloween. And Halloween stories. Apples, and caramel. Pumpkins. Witches and ghosts, raking. Feeling warm under the covers in the morning and not wanting to get up. Soup and Chili dinners. Comfort food returns. I could go on, really. But I think this comment may be longer than your actual post. Sorry about that. 🙂

  3. i just want to say that this brought so much comfort this morning. it was a hard day for me; many personal changes and yet waking up to these words of yours, and this glimpse of your life, while sipping my coffee and struggling to summon the energy and strength i needed to step into sacrifice, gave me something lovely to wrap around my spirit like cashmere. it called to the ‘eternity in their hearts’ within me and … i trip over words … was just what i needed. thank you.

  4. Meg – Autumn was always my favorite season until I moved away from Texas, and now springtime is more likely to make me wax poetic (see here). However, I’m still a sucker for everything you wrote about. I’m thinking a chili dinner slash spooky movie night needs to be in our near future…

    Rain – I’m so glad. I especially love how you put that “it called to the ‘eternity in their hearts'” in you; I know exactly what you mean, and I feel honored.

  5. Um, I like the smell and taste of pumpkin pie cake deliciousness, bales of hay and cute scarecrows decorating people’s doors, family walks in the evenings after dinner (because it’s finally cool enough that we don’t melt when we do so – usually), and dressing the boys up for Halloween. This year, we’ll have a Tigger and a Pooh. Oh, and the autumnal equinox usually finds me at Starbucks, partaking of a pumpkin spice latte. Mmmmm

  6. clever title 🙂

  7. Q – I’m drooling over the thought of a pumpkin spice latte. If we snag a pumpkin this year, I’ll figure out how to make one from scratch in your honor.

    Linds – Thanks!

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