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Apologies for all the sturm und drang around here lately. This has been one helluva year, and I’m experiencing every blip of turbulence with my usual intensity. I find myself craving simplicity—plotting my escape from the piles of things around the house that need organizing (or ironing, or mending, or de-spidering ::shudder::), disconnecting from the debates and demands of social media, and daydreaming of secret forest log cabins that come with their own cleaning ladies. There are so many things right now that we need, or at least think we do, but I’m weary of needing. I’m ready for the feng shui now, please.

We’re getting to a point in our transition time where I can actually choose what I want to do in the new year (i.e. – we won’t be relying as much on my income, fingers crossed), and goodness. What do I do with that kind of opportunity? Can I possibly inspire this angsty brain of mine to make something of it? I have grand ideas, but this year has sapped my energy to make them happen. Besides, my muse and intuition are off somewhere hanging out with the cool kids; the decision is all mine to make. And I feel as capable of making it as I am of jumping off the couch and running a marathon.

So I’ll let you friends do it for me. If you were wrapping up a long, turbulent year and needed to decide within a week what to pour yourself into come 2012, would you decide to:

A) Write a book, maybe even two, knowing that this decision is probably doomed to failure thanks to your chronic inability to self-inspire,
B) Keep your current job as it is a dependable source of spending money and you don’t want to let anyone down even though it keeps you too busy and stressed to be your true self,
C) Take the next flight to Canada and find yourself the nearest available secret log cabin?

Not quite sure where we are anymore

(Photo from two summers ago in Scotland… which, come to think of it, would work pretty well too.)

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  1. well, c sounds mighty tempting but i’d have to go with a. regardless, writerz gotta write.

  2. ….and about b: “Betrayal of yourself in order to not betray another is still betrayal nonetheless. It is the highest betrayal.” Neal Donald Walsh as quoted in Tomorrow’s Dreams Today by Mandy Steward. “

  3. Isn’t there anyway to combine a and b? I guess I’ve lived in Sweden too long: I always seem to be looking for compromise. Working part-time and writing part-time until you get to where you need to be with your writing and then FULL SPEED AHEAD?

  4. C…then A….. mhmm.

  5. I agree with Liz. Is there anyway to do both? Or, is the JOB stressful all the way around it? If yes, then go with A. Why not? But go read http://dailyfieldnotes.com/?p=874 and http://www.mytopography.com/2011/11/11/inspiration-for-daily-art-lines-marks/ first. And don’t forget to read up on http://www.mysticvixen.com/ as well. They always inspire me. I know you can do whatever your heart desires. You are awesome that way!

  6. Replace “Canada” with “Paradise Valley, Montana” and I’d probably choose C. Since my only option seems to be Canada, though, I’d go with A.

  7. Hmm, I think I would do whatever makes me sigh with relief when I think of it. Could you work part time? Enough to give you a bit extra but not too much to stress you completely? I also think I would do whatever it took to enable me to be stronger, happier, more peaceful. When I’m happy in myself, I have inspiration, courage and strength. Then I can come up with things to pursue. 🙂 I too am in huge transition, and for now I’m just resting, puttering at the necessaries of life – laundry, cooking, cleaning – with the occasional bit of writing to keep the wolves from the door. For now I’d rather be poor and at peace. The time will come for me to throw myself into something again. And it will for you too. 🙂

  8. Rain – That’s a lot of betraying. 😉 But a great quote. I think I tend to grossly overestimate my impact on other people (quitting a job is not on par with murder, FYI Self) and underestimate the importance of self-care (remembering to eat breakfast isn’t quite enough to keep a soul thriving).

    Liz – That’s a great suggestion and definitely my first inclination too. The main problem is that parenting is also part-time, and housekeeping is also part-time, and I am an exceptionally slow writer, so part-time writing for someone else would be full-time writing for me, and combining it all with work makes 250%-time, and… I need a nap. 🙂

    Beka – Both? Yes, please.

    Megsie – Mmm, I’m holding onto those links for when I get some free time. I can always count on you for practical encouragement!

    Jennifer – Montana sounds good too!

    Krista – “I think I would do whatever makes me sigh with relief when I think of it.” Perfectly said. (Also “I’d rather be poor and at peace.” Me too. Me so much too.) Thanks, sweet friend.

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