Busy. Quiet. Mournful. Excited. Pulled into the glitter and joy and inevitable bustle of Christmas. Drawn back into the shadow and heartsickness of death. Dizzy from to-dos and not-dones (mostly the latter). Apprehensive about all the possible wrong turns a holiday can take. Tip-toeingly thrilled regardless. Heavy. Springy. Awhirl.


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  1. Quiet. Drawn to being a hermit for the next few days. Just me and my man, safe, loved, far, far away from anything dark and cruel and evil. My grand plans have slimmed right down to simple, beautiful things that make us happy. And that is enough. 🙂 XO

  2. A snapshot of a week ago…I was RUNNING. Last final at 8:00 AM, then off to do the Christmas shopping…food and otherwise. Last weekend was CRAZY. I am happy to be reading your words this weekend and catching up on your life. It was like 22 presents under the tree just for me…from you. xo

  3. Krista – Your blog is one of those safe places of simple, beautiful things and seems to be such an extension of you. Enjoy the quiet!

    Megsie – Merry Christmas then! 🙂 I’m so honored that you’d take some of your weekend to catch up with [all 22 unread entries of] me!

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