Frequent Over-Analyzer Miles

Vacations are always tricky terrain for me. My overly analytical brain drives itself dizzy reminding me that I need to make every moment count but that I shouldn’t lose myself in the process but that I shouldn’t take precious time away from family to recharge but that I shouldn’t neglect my writing but that I should be out living so that I’ll actually have new writing material but that I need to take care of my introverted soul so that I can enjoy these moments I’m living but that it’s selfish to claim time for myself when we have such limited opportunities to spend with the people and places we came to see but, but, but, but, but. Basically, there’s no winning this one. (Anyone else get way on trips? Please say yes.)

Last week was especially intense, and as we’re gearing up for another stretch of absolute insanity—which will hope-beyond-hope land us all back in Italy together—I’m trying to figure out how to process all of it in triple time. My working strategy involves a little bit of running and a whole lot of peanut butter M&Ms. Other suggestions welcome, though I can’t promise restraint when it comes to M&Ms.

The jury is still out on whether or not my mental processing methods work, but one aspect of this trip stands out in my mind in stunning detail. All of the upheaval and impossibility and hair-pulling bureaucratic situations we’ve faced over the last few weeks have made the perfect backdrop for divine intervention. We’ve been racking up miracles like frequent flyer miles over here, and it’s the best possible way to start this year—assured in my own heart, for whatever it’s worth, that we’re not alone.

It’s a good thing I feel this way because we still have some pretty big hurdles to clear before I can get on a European-bound plane. If I weren’t able to trust that everything will work out, I might end up resorting to self-medication. Scarfing down peanut butter M&Ms, for instance. Can you imagine?

Just ignore the arm sticking into it

(Don’t feel like you have to answer that last one.)

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  1. I still don’t really understand why there’s a question about whether you can go home to Italy. You’re married to an Italian, aren’t you?

  2. Overly analytical, um yes, that’s me. I wish I could give you a big hug right now. I’m praying for more miracles and a soon-to-come safe journey home!

  3. Count me in to the praying for miracles. I think of you often…and hope you are okay. Now that I know that there are M&Ms involved, I know you will be fine. 🙂 xoxo

  4. Oh my yes, I feel all of those things every time I travel. 🙂 A friend of mine gave me a great tip to cure the writing guilt. She simply writes down ten things that stand out to her about that day. That’s all. Bullet form. I tried it on my last trip and loved it. I was able to capture and treasure special memories, but it only took five minutes and left me free to revel in what I was seeing and experiencing. Hoping that everything comes together soon!!

  5. What! Peanut butter M and Ms?

    (salivation in progress)

    I like being in places, I just hate the getting there and the getting back. I wish for travel in manner of “The Fly” to be invented. Obviously without increased need of epidlady use issue and dribbling on food of course.

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