Sometimes I just need to slip outside in the deep breath between day and night.

Dusk is scuttling across a fickle moon, and the wind is a blue-gray cat; I feel her prowling in my bones. The arched conifer that always makes me think of “Starry Night” dances in silhouette while windowpanes flicker and flame across the valley.

This time of day has always held witchery for me. It loosens my grip on reality, tilts wildly under my feet, and turns my eyes giddy and galaxy-bound. It once sent me sprawling in a forest during Capture the Flag, and my clearest memory of that evening is not being able to find my way back up in the whispering half-light. I hated the dusk then (as a freshly face-planted teenager well might), but tonight, it thrills.

I’ve been needing an escape route from the drudgery I’ve wallowed into lately, and a cosmic tilt-a-whirl seems to be just the thing. My bones have needed to prowl. My silhouette has ached to dance. My eyes are long-overdue for a spin up and up, past street lamps and clouds and thought and  into the starry ether beyond.

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  1. That photo is spectacular! It is totally “Starry Night” in real life! I love the dusk and the dawn too. I love seeing the moon begin (or end) to glow when it is twilight. And the colors are just so vibrant, and I agree…it sweeps you away. This feels like divine intervention to me. I am so glad that you received that gift of magic! xo

  2. Your writing is just magical.

  3. Thank you, friends; you’re both a special kind of magic yourselves. 🙂

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