I Want S’more

It’s a good thing today is a holiday because we’re all still in a sun-stupor. Breakfast was so late that we decided to count it as lunch. Naptime was non-negotiable—for any of us—and a homemade chocolate frappuccino courtesy of my ever-thoughtful Dan was the only thing that pulled me upright afterward. We’ve skipped almost all socially recommended forms of getting ready for the day (read: clothes) and gotten straight to work lounging away the afternoon. Time consuming, that one is.

While I wish I had something more profound or provocative to write today, truth is that my mind is still back at the campground doing cannonballs into the pond and swinging two-by-two in hammocks and cheating at Crazy Uno to help the little ones win. My thoughts are still soaking up purple mountains at sunset and the happy-making mess of s’mores, s’mores everywhere. I’m still cocooned in a sleeping bag nest with my husband and exclaiming over fish (as only true city dwellers do) with the girls and piling around a picnic table with friends. And I’m going to go ahead and say that’s okay.

The splash formerly known as Bethany

What were your favorite moments from the weekend?

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  1. the nap on Sunday. Hurray for naps!

  2. Oh, man. I am so jealous of your pajama day today! I LOVE pajama days. My weekend favorite is B-o-r-i-n-g and really sad, but I am excited that I got all three of my class’s online webpages ready to go! It took all of yesterday, but I got a voki to work and a news page up, and my syllabus done and linked. I did some other stuff too, but those were the major things.

    P.S. I miss summer already.

  3. It is more than OK. I love that you did this. 🙂 My memories are clouded a bit by illness, then brightened again by sunshine and a warm hour on the terrace. Tomorrow I fly to Malta for my own little escape. 🙂

  4. Liz – I still rebel against naps most of the time, but there’s always one every now and then that hits the spot.

    Megsie – Hey, that doesn’t sound boring to me. Of course, accomplishing my to-do list is the most celebration-worthy thing in my weekly life, so… 🙂

    Krista – Ooo, can I come? 🙂

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