In Your Face!

The Luna Park below our house resembles a wet dog, and perhaps that’s all the explanation needed about my state of motivation this morning.

We had one of those weekends that feels like seventeen in retrospect. My senses are still full of the happy clamor of house guests, the blur of wildflower lights on the girls’ favorite caterpillarcoaster, and the orchestrated clatter of fifty Perudo dice. We made new friends, including an amazing gal whose background parallels my own, and I wish we had more time together. At the same time, my batteries are so thoroughly drained that the indicator stopped blinking. As much as I don’t want to be a textbook anything, you can find an exact description of me in any psychology manual on the page about introverts. I need frequent breaks, quiet stretches of solitude, and Sunday afternoon naps in order to operate… and yesterday’s nap was trumped by a sick kiddo.

Does Murphy have a law about Monday mornings? Because I woke up this morning to rain, hormones, and an unpleasant substance tracked across the floor that was easily identified once I stepped in it, and I’m thinking Garfield was on to something. Here’s my current workup of a coping strategy: Step 1: Acknowledge that today is out to slay me and will most likely succeed. Step 2: Surrender. Step 3: Go back to bed. Step 4: Wait for someone to bring me a lasagna.

Or alternately, Step 1: Eat chocolate. Step 2: Blog. Step 3: Eat more chocolate. Step 4: Get done what I can get done today and count each accomplishment as a giant “In your face!” to Mondays everywhere.

Including mopping. Sigh.

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  1. I am absolutely for option two. 🙂

  2. I’d wait for lasagna.

  3. Absolutely, option 2 sounds good, but with the addition of lasagna or take out! Do not despair. (And I know, because this morning my toilet NEARLY overflowed and I just closed the bathroom door and haven’t dealt with it yet.) Have a quiet day – extend yourself major love and ask for the big Love to surround you – and keep your list short, maybe three items? Maybe a nap in the rainy afternoon?

  4. I would bring you lasagna. Totally. Chocolate cures so very many things…go with that. As for today, I think Sam is on to something. A nap this afternoon is just what (it sounds like) you need. You will trump this day, I have no doubt!

  5. I know this pretty much amounts to culinary heresy, but I wish Fazoli’s set up a franchise here so I could get takeout lasagna. 🙂 Until that happens, chocolate and naps will just have to do.

  6. Chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate?
    Sounds like the perfect way to make a Monday bearable:)

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