Joy Ride

Sunlight is skimming across terra cotta rooftops and bell towers this morning, darting through each daisy petal on our balcony before swooping off to light the cypresses on distant hills. Our palms bathe their faces in it. Dozens of newborn strawberries blink and stretch in our little patch while fresh chilies glow like potted flames. The mint we cut down mere days ago is lush once again. Yesterday’s laundry line-dances to the church bells below our house while sparrows sing backup. This cannot be autumn.

But it is, of course. The girls’ tank tops have been packed away to make room for plaid skirts and jewel-tone hoodies, their flip-flops traded for boots. The watermelon bins at the grocery store are now filled with cabbages. Limoncello perfume for blackberry, scarves for sunblock, Jack Johnson for Sufjan Stevens, mojito nights for school mornings… the evidence is pretty compelling.

I refuse to give in, though, not while summer is still joy-riding through our open windows. There will be plenty of time for cinnamon cappuccinos and crisp, pumpkin-laced daydreams next month.


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  1. Oh, how I want to sit on your balcony with you and that summer breeze! It has been raining here for two days straight. The cold and warm are playing tag, and just when you make the decision to wear short sleeves (and you forget your sweatshirt) the cold wins out and you are left freezing at the soccer field swatting at mosquitoes. I am still holding out hope that summer fights its way into autumn to give us the weather you have so eloquently described here. Oh, I am jealous!

  2. stunningly beautiful. you write in a way that cannot be taught. absolutely beautiful!

  3. cinnamon cappuccino
    pumpkin laced daydreams
    i melt…

    this is altogether lovely.

  4. Meg – Oh, those autumn mosquitoes are the WORST! Seriously, you would think they’d have the decency to leave us alone once vacation season is over.

    Ame & Rain – Thank you. 🙂

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