Well hi there. Coming back here after nearly a week of radio silence feels like exhaling after a long dive, and it’s so nice to say hello again. How are you? (Yes, you!)

Here’s what happened: Dan came home from two weeks of business travels, and the moment we finished kissing hello, I shoved the children in his direction and started writing like a feverish monk for a project I was already supposed to have completed. (Note to self: Preschoolers and deadlines don’t mix.)  I toyed with the idea of reposting some old entries on here, but then I wondered if that would seem presumptuous, and then I was sure it would. I only know how to fight off one source of self-doubt at a time, so I chose the project. Be sure, though, that I thought of you often.

I also did a bit of this:


…because some things are best celebrated with hammocks, and spring is one of them.


How did you welcome spring this year? Does it even feel like spring yet where you are? If so, are you in a celebratory mood? If not, would you like to come visit? We have hammocks.

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  1. yes!! it’s spring here. in the early 70’s all. the. time.
    weird, because i think it’s here for good, and we in wisconsin usually don’t get it till early may…..*raised eyebrow*
    ah well,
    we’ll take it over a super prolonged winter, as is usual yearly normal…. 😛

  2. And, since I am right next door to Beka, in Minnesota, I have the same thing going on…it was EIGHTY this past weekend. My kids were running around in SHORTS. We usually have the most snow of the season in March, this year, not so much. I am loving it though! Yay! Yesterday when walking through the courtyard at work I noticed that the Magnolia tree is blooming…in MARCH. *shakes head* *Smiles Broadly*

    But, I still would love to come and take advantage of your hammock!

  3. i be looking this morning for a way to subscribe to your blog via email. do you have that option? because . . . would you believe that i don’t know the first thing about rss? don’t judge me technological un-coolness. 😉

  4. Beka – Sounds absolutely lovely! I don’t think I’d do too well *living* in Wisconsin though…

    Meg – I think you’re beating US in terms of spring gorgeousness!

    Erika – Done! (The subscription option, not the judging. 🙂 )

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