NaNoWriMo – Day 1

Getting up before dawn this morning was not nearly as agonizing as I anticipated. No husbands were hit nor bad words said when my alarm rang, and the sun was so shocked at my initiative that it decided to hide out for the day and do some serious navel-gazing. (My apologies to everyone in Italy hoping to enjoy the holiday outdoors, especially you, Liz!)

I love beginning stories, and it was almost—dare I say it?—fun getting this crazy project underway. Do I think the fun factor will last? Absolutely not. Novels are generally supposed to have endings, so the last week of November is going to be a kind of personalized creative torture for me. However, I intend to enjoy the buzz of satisfaction as long as it lingers.

And right now? That means not worrying about giving this post a proper endi—

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  1. so proud of you!!!

  2. Yay! I am so excited for you! The first step is usually the hardest, but it sounds like it went perfectly. NO cussing? Wow.

    I emailed everyone I know. I *think* I found a lead, a friend’s nephew! I will be in touch!

  3. Thanks, ladies. I’m looking forward to what you find out, Meg!

  4. “No husbands were hit nor bad words said when my alarm rang”……oh my word, that would be me.
    If I had a husband.
    And if I had enough guts to do NaNoWriMo….
    I haven’t yet. I’m 19 and I prettymuch like to write, drink coffee, take pictures.
    But I have to say, I love that line.

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