Now or Never

I am absolutely positive on this one point: I had no idea what Dan and I were getting into when we started this Kickstarter project. Of course, had I known, I would have waited for sometime when I had a month off work, excess energy, and aligned stars guaranteeing our success, which would have been never. There’s definitely something to be said for just squeezing your eyes shut and taking the plunge. Things get done that way.

But goodness. The past few weeks have taken an industrial-sized ice cream scoop to my insides and scraped up every last speck of energy. Every. single. day. Through the giddy fun of setting up our fundraising page, I failed to see that it would become our full-time job this month—managing websites, editing media, socializing, networking, writing, writing, writing, and asking people to exchange their hard-earned money for our dream. I don’t use the word “our” lightly, by the way; the only way this campaign has been possible on top of my teaching schedule has been sharing the load with my nerdy rockstar husband… who is also keeping up a day job. We haven’t been sleeping much.

If you want to know the truth, though, the most draining thing so far has been the emotional effort of all this hoping. I dearly want to see this gamble pay off, so every new minute sends me swinging between elation and despair. The hopeful calm in between feels as impossible as the $10,000 I’m asking for. I can’t help comparing my project to some of Kickstarter’s wild success stories and then slumping lower because I don’t have their thousands of Twitter followers or their corporate sponsorship or their professional video shoot. I know jealousy isn’t attractive, but this is me, real.

I want this book to happen. I want the chance to work from home this winter writing it. I want to be present for my little girls again instead of dashing off to work every day. I want to follow my creative impulses and devote my time to what gives me life rather than what saps it away. So many wants… yet the word itself makes me cringe at my own selfishness. Only the thinnest line has ever separated gratefulness and guilt for me.

However, I can’t agree to live without hope, without reaching toward what matters even when that hope feels undeserved. This book is part of a larger vision for our family, and dismissing the idea because of misplaced guilt would be like coating a kaleidoscope in concrete.  So we’re doing this now, knowing that the other option is never and clinging to color for all we’re worth.*

*Which we hope is at least $10,000.

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  1. Bethany, I hope you are FULLY aware that whether or not the Kickstarter project comes through, this book IS still a reality. You can do it, no matter what!!

  2. I’m hoping with you, Bethany, wishing I even had ten dollars to send you, hoping that dear, generous souls lavish you with what you need for this project, whether through Kickstarter, or something else. Keep your chin up!! 🙂

  3. Hello dear Bethany,

    I have been ignoring you because I wanted to write something SO AWESOME and excited about this wonderful wonderful project! I keep lurking here trying to find words for how happy I am that you are taking this plunge! I can’t find the right ones though because this doesn’t even come close to how excited I am for you! I finally signed up as a backer, and tried to pull your widget but I couldn’t get it to work on my sidebar. I will try again later when I have more time. Sending good energy and prayers your way so this will happen, but I agree with Liz, even if it doesn’t, YOU can still do this!!

  4. I totally agree with Liz too – whether or not this first try at the Kickstarter project happens, you can make this happen. I have been reading your blog for a while, mostly from afar and not commenting (bad blog reader, I know!). But I love your writing, your sense of humor, your sense of adventure and determination to find your way through writing. I made a pledge, and hope many others do too in the days remaining!

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