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I’m home from church again, miserably stopped up from allergies masquerading as a cold again, and every time I take a sip of water, it requires me to stop breathing through my mouth and then I start dying, and as I’ve been dying on an off for a month now, it’s getting pretty old. I try to stick to my blogging philosophy of No allergies, PLEASE because otherwise, every post written between January and September would include a description of my sinuses. However, it’s worth noting that I have only been able to go on one date with my husband since January, and throughout our romantic meal, I plowed through two entire packs of tissues and had to chew with my mouth open in order to avoid asphyxiation. Sexy.

You’d think a little friendly neighborhood pollen wouldn’t have that much of an effect on my day-to-day reality, and it probably wouldn’t—itching eyes and Neanderthal table manners aside—if not for The Haze. As I [attempt to] breathe, my brain accumulates layers of yellow-green dust that act as a mental smog. It takes all my energy to ride a train of thought to its conclusion these days, and more often than not, I lose my bearings mid-sentence. Surprisingly, writing becomes a lot more difficult when I can’t remember what I was…… uh…?

Take this post, for instance. I think at one point, it had one. A point, I mean. Whatever that point might have been, though, has disappeared into the yellow-green ether, and I can only hope that it was a good one. All I can remember at the moment is that I have a freelance deadline tapping its foot from my desk chair (as I bulwark myself in bed) and that the laundry still is not nor ever will be finished and that I can’t pop another antihistamine until… well, I don’t actually know when because I can’t remember anything from more than seven minutes ago.

In times like this, by which I mean every day between January and September, I have to rely on what I know to do instead of what I feel like doing, and maybe that’s why I was so desperate to nail down a life purpose before the end of our Christmas trip—because it was either that or spend the next nine months in bed with an ice pick. In all my hours of talking it over with loved ones and bouncing ideas off of God and journaling myself crazy, I have received less of the detailed personal business plan I requested and more of a single-facet word: WRITE!

And so I’m writing, even though I can’t remember why I should or why I started or more than anything else, why…





If you suffer from seasonal allergies, which utensils do you fantasize about using on your own head? (I dream about ice picks and Brillo pads, though today, I’m inclined to scratch both and just go for a guillotine.) 

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  1. Thankfully it isn’t allergy season up here yet. I perfer melon-ballers for my eyes around then.

  2. I am taking a risk when I tell you that I really don’t have the seasonal allergy thing…(sorry). I am blessed, I know. I do, however get sick. A lot. Every year. So I try and teach and cough and sneeze and blow my nose. It sucks. It seems like kind of the same thing, except my illnesses usually are two weeks long. A week or two off. Two weeks on…repeat.

    I usually fantasize about one of those spit vacuums from the dentist that I can stick up my nose and down my throat. It seems like it would work…no?

  3. i’ve always had horrible allergies, and i have asthma, too. whenever it rains (and many other times, but especially whenever it rains), which i love, but i’m allergic to mold and mildew, which come with moisture, which is what rain is – moisture, i have to take motrin. i always start with two, but often i end up with four. six on a bad day. i don’t count the hours between doses; i just take them till i can function. having my whole head swollen inside surrounding my nose and eyes and forhead does not allow for fluid thought or oxygen – guessing those are linked together somehow ;). anyway, i totally get it. i can’t rid my life of the allergens unless i lived somewhere where nothing can live, but then i wouldn’t be able to live, either. i hate allergies.

  4. Pretty please, try local honey and/or bee pollen? Unless you already have? B/c it usually helps. AS DO regular rinses w/ a neti pot!!! Like 2x a day!!! Just make sure and use the sterile (not tap) water. I promise this will feel good….

  5. aw, i’m sorry! i’ve never had allergies…don’t hate me….but i feel for you. that must suck. i’m very very sorry.

  6. Liz – Melon ballers sound so much cooler and, I don’t know, decorative than my steel wool solution! I always think of you when I’m suffering from allergies, by the way. You’re sort of like my Holy Mother of Pollen. 🙂

    Meg – I went over twenty years without allergies of any kind, so hey, I’m not begrudging your lack of agony. 🙂 The spit vacuum idea is cracking me up though!

    Ame – Yeah, allergies really make one wonder if oxygen and conscious thought are linked somehow… 🙂 Sorry about all the horribleness.

    HWGK – Thanks for the suggestions; it’s great that there are so many options besides scratchy kitchen implements available.

    Beka – Don’t worry, my dear. I don’t think that I’m suffering from allergies that rightfully belong to you or anything. 🙂

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