Prepositional Monotony

On the brain:

Spring de-cluttering
Salsa seedlings
Campgrounds on Lake Como (yay!)
A friend we haven’t seen in seven years coming to visit (double yay!)

On the table:
Cold medicine (bah)
A stockpile of tissues (double bah)
An extra-large cappuccino
A slice of Colomba, the traditional Italian sweet bread made around Easter

On the floor:
Sand from the playground
Dust from the perpetually open windows
Gravel from the running track
Brand new kids’ tennis shoes with a summer’s worth of bounces spring-loaded in them

On the bookshelf:
On the Banks of Plum Creek; after a short detour to Scotland, the girls and I are forging back into prairie land with Laura and Mary
Io Non Ho Paura (link is to the translated version); despite not being able to read as quickly in Italian, I’m completely engrossed
Art & Max; since I gave this to Natalie for her birthday in March, it’s never left the reading stack
ESL textbooks galore!

On the heart:
A dozen writing projects dancing just out of reach of time and focus
More time to connect with my sweet little family
The octopus-sized spider lurking in the laundry bag yesterday (as in, my heart hasn’t recovered yet)
Catching up with all of you

Your turn!

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  1. OCTOPUS-sized spider?? *shudder*

    What very good things (otherwise) you have in this list? I’m totally swiping this and thus making it a meme! 😀

  2. freaking out over the possibility of octopus-sized spiders.

    on the brain, table, and heart is painting. i’ve just been loaded with 7 canvases ready for priming…and my brush. so. excited.

    golly. you and a few others are pounding it into me that i need my own espresso machine. or something. cappuccino…..mmmm.

  3. I want to play too! Maybe tomorrow?

    I love this so much. And you too…

  4. Liz – Admittedly, a small octupus… but still. (There may have been screaming involved.) And a meme! I feel so honored. 🙂

    Beka – How much do I love that you make so much time for your painting (and coffee ::grin::) passion? So much.

    Megsie – Hey, anytime! Much love to you too…

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