Present Perfect

My head is full up to here. Lesson plans, present perfect study guides, proper British spellings, and would they translate it as cinema or theatre in the UK? Dust clusters, cheese baked onto forks, a weekend filling up fast. Blank pages staying blank, clock face a blur, heart applying whiteout with a heavy hand. Lists like a rolling sea and the tide coming in.

We leave to camp our way across Europe in just over a week, but the days are still picking up speed, and I’m bracing myself for the almighty impact of vacation… or rather, the night before vacation when we’re playing Trunk Tetris with the car and my eyes are only half open and I still have half the kitchen to pack. Being a detail person generally works well for me, but I do have a habit of drowning in my own practicality—especially, say, when we’re T-9 days from an epic camping trip with pretty close to nothing planned. We haven’t even figured out which country we’re going to spend the last week of it in. That would be more than enough to overwhelm my head if there were any space whatsoever left in it right now.

But seeing as there’s not, I can’t manage to work up a good panic, and truth be told, involuntary oblivion is kind of nice. I guess all that really matters is that four of us leave home together and come home together, even if I forget to pack the kitchen sink and/or we accidentally detour through remote Slovenia. (Come to think of it, that could be fun…)

I’m grateful for these spastic little glimpses into the brain clutter reminding me that yep, it’s pretty full in there, no room to worry about the future, and hey what do you know, we’re all surviving. What’s more, we’re all happy to be here right now, and I suspect that two weeks from now when the unknown is our new right now, we’ll still be glad to be living it. However, if there were room in my head for the kitchen sink, I wouldn’t complain. Just saying.

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  1. I would be in denial if I were you. I like to pretend big things just are not really going to happen, until I see the big boulder rolling down-hill toward me. It is amazing that everything gets done! My boulder was father’s day, and we are celebrating with my dad tonight. That means today has been all about it, and I just put the blueberry pie in the oven. I just have time to shower, do the dishes and leave and we will make it! Right on time, looking like we had it all together all along. (If they only knew…)

  2. I hope you DO get to detour through Slovenia. 🙂 It’s such a gorgeous country and I’d go back in a heartbeat! 🙂 I too am packing up to leave for Europe. I’ll be in Amsterdam, Germany and Italy for the next few months. 🙂

  3. Trunk Tetris!! HAAA! I love you just for that. Also, why not make that last week SWEDEN?! I’m just sayin’.

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