I was beyond tired last night, what with the three-hours-of-sleep and the solo-drive-home-from-Rome and the teaching-English-to-a-houseful-of-first-and-second-graders and the keeping-my-own-children-alive… so what did I proceed to do? Stay up until midnight watching YouTube videos whilst forcing my eyelids open. It’s possible that exhaustion impacts my judgment.

Today is not much better (see: one night’s worth of sleep over the last two), so I’m going to give in to the procrastinatory pull of the internet and simply share some of my favorites this month:

  • The Kid History series on YouTube. The girls and I watched all the episodes together, and I watched them alone while sleep-deprived, and both scenarios produced actual liquid tears of laughter. (Start with Babysitting or Christmas.)
  • The My Drunk Kitchen series on YouTube, not to be watched with young’uns. My current favorite is Cookies, but it will take me another month of irresponsibly late nights to watch all her videos, so that could change.
  • Speaking of cookies, have you experienced World Peace Cookies yet? If not, get thee to a kitchen. (Bonus: They make perfect holiday gifts, though that does imply not eating them all yourself straight from the oven. Good luck with that.)
  • The When In Comment Sections Tumblr, hilarious responses to the kinds of comments that show up on every Christian blog ever. (My favorites here and here. Aaaaaand here.)
  • Pinterest, You Are Drunk. The name says it all. Holiday sweater fingernails or cable-knit body suits, anyone?
  • Along the same lines, Catalog Living, a black hole of perfectly decorated hilarity. It’s impossible to pick favorites, but yesterday’s post is a solid ten.
  • Sufjan Steven’s new Christmas collection, Silver & Gold. Not every one of the fifty-eight tracks is my style, but 1) there are fifty-eight tracks, and 2) his corresponding infomercial packed with fake song titles is uncontestably awesome.

Any other online entertainment (wishing that sounded a little less lascivious) that you would add to the list?

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  1. excellent.

  2. kid history is the bomb! tooth fairy is one of my favorites–and also was my first foray into their world. lol.

    babysitting is a great one too! hahahha…

    i have seen one or two drunk kitchen videos…..wow….that was extremely amusing!!

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