We lean against the kitchen counter with our espresso cups, the delicate painted porcelain ones he brought back from Sweden with an apologetic smile. He knew only too well that I would have rather had the trip than its souvenir. Travel was one of the first topics to draw us into each other’s orbits a decade ago, and now the scrapbook of our shared memory is fat with airport sprints and linguistic rodeos, not to mention the foreign hospital trips that are as good as guaranteed when globetrotting with young children. Still, my heart makes a habit of packing light, always reconnoitering our next big adventure.

I know his does too. Right now, he is dreaming aloud about next summer, and I thrill at the way his ideas leap like salmon up the rush of our present reality. My husband’s mind is never intimidated by the pushback of probability, and I’ve learned not to underestimate the survival skills of these rainbow-finned dreams (just as he’s learned not to bring them up without first offering caffeine).

Scotland, Slovenia, China, Brazil… the words dissolve like pillow mints on my imagination, leaving behind traces of pastel sugar and reckless hope. I wonder if one of these flights of fancy will solidify next summer or if we will just continue to catch glints of them in the moments before they re-submerge. Honestly, it doesn’t matter. Dreaming and scheming and scribbling carefree lines across the map is as much part of what makes us us as packing the car to the gills and turning the key is, and I know that our leaning against the kitchen counter right now, coffee cups and possibilities in hand, is all part of the adventure.


What do you daydream about with your significant other?

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  1. We talk trips, too. Right now, a canal boat adventure in the UK Lakes district is slowly taking shape for next summer.

  2. Enjoy!! Everytime I talk trips with M-E, he freaks out 😀 having yet distinquished between dreams with possibility and request for immediate actuality. He also sees enormous and inappropriate dollar-signs. sigh.

  3. Liz – Oh my, CAN I COME?

    SJ – I’m the one in this marriage who doesn’t always differentiate between her spouse’s thinking out loud and making actual plans, but travel talk is one of my favorite things in the world, so it balances out. 🙂 As for you two, I know you’re the hiking/camping sort, which certainly helps with the inappropriate dollar-sign problem!

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