Six-Word Summaries

Much work to do. Grateful. Busy.

Sick child at home getting sicker.

Laundry wrangled into submission. House not.

I haven't dusted in awhile

Mountain of email threatening to erupt.

Haven’t showered yet this morning afternoon.

Facebook? Blogs? What’s social networking again?

Inspiration knocking, waiting, giving up, leaving.

Care to share your six words?


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  1. Excited for our trip to Florida.


  2. I would sweep for you, but… :/

  3. Anticipation, satisfaction, sorrow, aggravation, moodswings, anyone?

  4. laundry wrangled into submission: that’s awesome!

    need more coffee. french roast: love.


  5. Frustrated by failed potty training attempts.

    Wishing LU actually offered “Mrs.” degree.

    Preparing my heart for ashes, remembrance.

    Making coffee since nap is unavailable.

    Wishing gas didn’t take my paycheck…

  6. Nino – Your photos from family trips to Florida are some of the most magical things, vacation treasure collections.

    SJ – But… you won’t? 😉

    Beka – Me too, me too.

    Q –
    Oh, how well I understand.
    Strange, since English is the most lucrative degree out there… 🙂
    I loved your blog post about this.
    My default as well.
    Eh, let the hubby’s paycheck cover that; yours can go toward groceries!

  7. My comment is still awaiting moderation? Hm. Mood swings ARE controversial. 😛

  8. Sorry, Liz! Some days, my spam filter decides it isn’t sure about you… Thanks for the head’s up! (And yes to moodswings, unfortunately.)

  9. Your spam filter is right to be cautious where I’m concerned 😛

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