Sweep Me Away

Something about today whispered spring cleaning. Never mind that winter just finished unpacking its bags or that the air is the approximate temperature of a slushie; my instincts demanded I open all the windows and invite the sunshine in to dust with me. (I wanted to write “sweep with me,” but that’s a double entendre in Italian, and now I’m worried that learning a second language has guaranteed my mind a permanent spot in the gutter. Italian vocabulary tends to be very… passionate.)  My energy levels are regrettably dependent on the weather, and I tend to slog through January with all the motivation of a boiled cabbage. Thank goodness the sun came out today; otherwise, our house guest tonight would have ended up sleeping on a pile of unsorted Christmas decorations.

Despite cohabitating for a whole 11 ½ days, 2011 and I haven’t really gotten acquainted yet. I know it uses a different brand of shampoo than 2010 did and takes less sugar in its coffee, but I haven’t figured out what makes it tick, how its hobbies and personality traits intersect, whether or not it is likely to be a good housemate in the end. I’m waiting until after my trip to get back into running and to pick up where I left off on Ye Olde Novel, so I guess that’s when I’ll schedule my heart-to-heart with the new year. We’ll likely survive until then. It puts its own socks in the laundry, and I don’t pry when it stumbles in at 3 a.m.; good enough for now.

So. How are you? Have you made any great discoveries yet this year? Do you have any new projects or goals that spark your enthusiasm? Any survival tactics for less sunny days—you know, in case I don’t manage to finish spot-cleaning behind the oven today? Any double entendres worth sharing?

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  1. I’m walking walking walking. 5 more minutes each day on the treadmill. 🙂 Off to see how far I can get right now, as a matter of fact!

  2. Hahahah!
    Gosh. Love the thing about Italian language.
    Sweep with you.
    Oh my:)

    So far, 2011 has sucked all the inspiration from my brain somehow. : That doesn’t quite make sense, but I haven’t had any spark or ideas whatsoever to paint! It’s awful. Quite.
    (And just when I promised to start painting a good-sized canvas for a friend who wants to trade/send a lovely French Press from her work to me for the painting! I *need* inspiration, I tell you! –btw, have you used a French press? What do you think of it??)

    But. I have to say, there’s nothing better than sitting alone on the floor, drinking hot tea (peach or green) or coffee (dark roast with a bit of milk), and doing a Bible study. Alone. Mostly quiet, but with family noise filtering up the stairwell. Heh.
    It has the potential to be quite lovely most days.

  3. you rock my socks off.

  4. I’m not a fan of how time throws its milestones at you so non-chalantly (with 60 seconds and 60 minutes, just like ordinary days). It really should be more sensitive. And the sun! such a co-conspirator with time. The sneakiness of 2011 is practically unforgivable.

    May your boiled cabbage soon turn to tangy slaw.

  5. I am hiding under the blankets from 2011. I know I will have to face it someday. For now, I am ignoring as much as possible and my motivation for anything is non existent. I am *still* coughing and my throat is *still* sore, but I am feeling better. If 2011 kicked the sickness to the curb, I would consider being friends.

    I loved this post. I have been missing your words lately…

    Sending a big hug your way…xo

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