The Answer Starts With D

Hey kids, it’s time for a pop quiz!

Death of a mokka

This milk frother is sitting on our balcony because:

A) In impressive disregard for the natural laws of quilted fabrics, it got so hot on the stove as to burn a hole through the pot-holder, and it was moved outside in my fear it would burn the kitchen down as well.

B) In my bleary pre-10:00-a.m. haze, I forgot both to add the milk and to remove the plastic frothing mechanism before putting it on the stove, and it was moved outside so as not to kill my family with the toxic fumes.

C) It was not the first but the second disastrously failed cappuccino attempt of the morning (don’t ask about the espresso machine), and it was moved outside so the sight of it would stop making me cry into my orange juice.

D) All of the above.

Some mornings are just better left alone.

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  1. Awww darn.
    Cappuccino gone wrong, I can’t imagine. :

  2. Yes! I’m no longer the only one 🙂 I burned the bottom off of a pot while at OTI, while boiling some water. The “metal” just so happened to melt itself onto the coils of the stove, thus I spent quite some time trying to scrape it off. I’m pretty sure we breathed the toxic fumes for quite some time.

    Don’t worry, you’ll probably find it humorous fairly soon.

  3. Oh, Bethany, I am so sorry. This seems like a morning when a good cappuccino was a necessity. On days like that Orange Juice just doesn’t cut it.

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