Urban Ballet


Mercato - 2

The morning sun scattering particles of color off of apples, handbags, and Vespas, the sky-drunk windows above, the passersby pausing to browse.

Galleria Sciarra - 4

Sudden art around every corner, hanging on the pause between footsteps; beauty so extravagant it leaves its imprint like sun-stars on your mind.

Oranges ripening

Oranges ripening in whispered conference with older, wiser trees over the heads of ancient walls.

Fontana di Trevi - 4

Imagination and movement, the strain of Baroque muscles under stone, the rush of water underfoot lifting you out of yourself into a white marble thunder.


The romance and grounding simplicity of daily life—pizza blistering in a wood-burning oven, Christmas garlands framing an invitation to come, eat.

Santissimo Nome di Maria - 2

History in glimpses, framed by side streets and a melting sun; a white cupolaed church christened Santissimo Nome di Maria al Foro Traiano, magic and mayhem on the tongue.

Roman streets - 6

The old and the new growing up and in and out of each other, millennia tumbling and settling around each other like an urban ballet.

Daddy and Sophie - 2

The grandeur of Rome ringed in a pair of small blue eyes, this day already claiming its homestead in her memory. This.


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  1. ah. that’s gorgeous.



  2. Competing responses…

    “Thanks for sharing the beauty of Rome,” ultimately wins out over, “Stop teasing the rest of us,” but just barely.

  3. Beka – Happy sigh? I’d love to spend a day wandering Rome with you!

    Tom – Ha! I completely get it, and you’re welcome and I’m sorry in equal measure. Oh, and just for you, I have a different kind of life-in-Italy post in the works. Stay tuned.

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