Welcome to the Future of 2009!

I have a confession to make that will no doubt secure my spot in history as the coolest and most technologically savvy blogger of all time: I’m scared of site makeovers. Other people’s, that is. I first discovered this attractive characteristic in 2002 when a member of my small blogging community (hi, Eliot!) updated to a minimalist theme. His site suddenly looked so polished, almost corporate to my eyes. He even had his own domain, which was a great mystery of the universe to me at the time. (My tech-savvy status is increasing by leaps and bounds right now, I know.) I was mega-impressed but just as intimidated too. Why couldn’t we all just post away cheerfully on our colorful Blogspot and Xanga journals for the rest of eternity?

For the record, I’m glad that progress didn’t stop to consult me on its way out the door. I even joined the ranks of domain-owners in 2009, learning enough PHP to build my very own minimalist website. (Okay, the minimalist part is a lie, but I did have a white background.) Still though, trends continued to shift, and I felt lost every time another blogger friend modernized their online presence. Actually, online presence is what it all boiled down to for me. Writers who had formerly struck me as down-to-earth now seemed inaccessible, their beautiful new sites every bit as formidable to me as power suits and Botox. Why couldn’t we all just keep our quippy titles and cluttered sidebars and webcam profile pictures for the rest of eternity?

Once again, I am glad that the forward trajectory of the world does not depend on me. You may have noticed that I’m posting this from a shiny new website of my own, and that is because the online presence reflected in my dear old hand-coded site no longer resembles me. I see the world differently than I did five years ago. I blog differently and interact with readers differently and think about the future of my writing differently, and it’s [past] time that I welcome you into an online home that has room for it all.

On the slight chance that one of you experiences the same site-makeover anxiety that I do when a friend upgrades his or her space, let me assure you that you’ll find no power suits or Botox here. I’m writing this in my around-the-house jeans, which are ripped beyond even Abercrombie’s sense of propriety, and yesterday’s crumbling mascara. I’m still me. And now my website is too.

So, welcome! Take a look around, and if you haven’t yet, would you mind heading over to “like” my Facebook page? I’ve been letting it languish for a while, unsure whether it was worth putting energy into or not. This seems like the perfect opportunity to resurrect it though, and I’d love to have you along while I figure out how Facebook works in 2014. (Why couldn’t we all just keep writing “is” statuses and super-poking each other for the rest of eternity?)

The coolest and most technologically savvy blogger of all time

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  1. Holy Crap! That expired sign freaked me out. I am wondering around in here completely bewildered! You’re all sheik and cool now. Man, and I get to be friends with the cool kid! Your site is beautiful! I can only imagine how much work it was to transfer all your stuff here. I am going to wander into the different rooms now and check out the decorating. Awesome, Bethany!

    • You’re my first commenter here, Megsie! Sorry to freak you out with the expired sign; I’m not going anywhere. 🙂 I still have a lot of details to iron out, but I couldn’t wait to get the site live. PLUS, now I can reply directly to your comments. Oo la la…

  2. Um. Can I trade that “wondering” in the third sentence to “wandering”? Thank you.

  3. I LOVE it friend! 🙂

    “I’m writing this in my around-the-house jeans, which are ripped beyond even Abercrombie’s sense of propriety, and yesterday’s crumbling mascara. I’m still me. And now my website is too.”

    You are hilarious and one of my favourite people on the internet.

    Thank you for being you.

    That’s all.

  4. It’s Clean. Easy to follow. Streamlined. Current (without trying to be too trendy).

    At first glance, I thought the expired stamp picture was your header and “hmmmm-ed” out loud. Haha. Silly me. *chugging Decaf French Press coffee hoping the placebo effect will trick my brain into waking up*

    It’s lovely. SOOOOOOO worth the effort. Please don’t doubt it!!!

  5. Looks good on mobile. Congratulations on the makeover!

  6. Love the new design! It’s always refreshing throwing out the old and sprucing up things with a fresh look. Your profile pic is awesome, too!

    • Thanks, Eliot! As change-resistant as I can be, I do love fresh starts. And re: the profile pic, I’ll pass on your comment to Dan who took it for me. 🙂

  7. Looks amazing!!! <3

  8. WOW! So fancy! Nice job, tech-savvy queen!

  9. Methinks I like it, Bethanie! All your carrying on about website presentation has gotten ME worried now. Worried that I’m not tech savvy enough to have noticed how antiquated your old site was 🙁 But I DO like your new one! Congrats!

    • Haha, I was going for self-deprecating… not making OTHER people worry about their state of tech-savviness! 🙂 Glad you like this place though. Hope it’s still “comfy.”

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